About Us

At Rowheath Pavilion we strive to be a host to the local community. Acting as a venue to a number of varying community groups from Stay and Play to Ballroom dancing. We also host our own community events and have a Café and a Bar open for all to come and join us.

Trinity Christian Centre Trust is an independent charity established by Pavilion Christian Community specifically to engage in projects that benefit the community.  Our primary project at this time is the operation of Rowheath Pavilion.

The Pavilion is operated on a not for profit basis.  In other words the activities of the Pavilion, rental from community groups, sports groups and commercial users, together with income from functions, the café and the bar all contribute towards the running costs.  Any small surpluses are ploughed straight back into the Pavilion itself.

Improvements to the buildings and its surrounds are usually financed by specific fund raising activities.  A good example of that would be the children’s playground.

For more information about our community groups click here and keep your eyes peeled for Rowheath Pavilion events on our Latest News page.