Furniture and Room Dimensions

Table Dimensions

Small Round Tables

Diameter: 1.8ft (55cm)         Height: 1.95ft (60cm)

3 in total


Small Rectangular Tables

Length: 3.9ft (120cm)          Width: 2.46ft (75cm)

Height: 2.36ft (72cm)

6 in total


Large Round Tables

Diameter: 5ft (153cm)          Height: 2.46ft (75cm)

14 in total


Trestle Tables

Length: 5.9ft (180cm)          Width: 2.3ft (70cm)

Height: 2.3ft (70cm)

8 in total


Room Dimensions 

Full room size including pillars:

Length; 62ft (18.9m)            Width; 38ft (11.6m)              Height; 11.5ft (3.5m)

Length from wall to pillars; 8ft (2.4m)

Room Size without pillar space; Length 62ft (18.9m)    Width 22ft (6.7m)



Height of pillars: 8.5ft (260cm)

Distance between pillars running the length of room: 7.9ft (240cm)


Outside Terrace

70ft x 29ft (21.5m x 8.8m) approx.



140 in total