Room Dressing

Room Dressing/ Decoration

When dressing the terrace room please allow at least two and half hours for chair covers, linen and pillar drapes. You are more than welcome to dress it yourselves, however many people choose to employ a room dresser to take the stress away from them on their special day.

We ask that any room dresser/company books an appointment with the Wedding Co-ordinator prior to you securing them for your date. This is to ensure your requests are safe and meet the terms and conditions of hire.

We do not allow use of Selotape, pins, tacks, Blu-tack or staples. There are two hooks on each pillar facing the centre of the room which can be useful for tying bunting or other decorations.

Use of metallic table confetti is prohibited within the building as it is difficult to remove and stains when wet. However we do allow paper confetti and petals within the building and grounds.

At the end of the event you as the hirer are responsible for removing all items, decorations, remaining food, gifts etc. Unfortunately we cannot allow you to dress the room the night before or leave items in the room after the hire time has ceased.

Room Dressers must return and remove all items at the end of the event.