We work to the same Vision and Values as Rowheath Pavilion Church

Our Vision:

To build a healthy community with the Church at its heart

Our Values

Sharing the message of Jesus locally and globally

Rowheath Pavilion Church is at the heart of the Rowheath Pavilion community and our Christian identity is central to the way we operate. We share a passion for serving the Rowheath community

Living to welcome everyone

Rowheath Pavilion welcomes everyone, whatever their race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, social status or health issues. We ask that those enjoying Rowheath Pavilion respect our Christian faith and the way our faith shapes the way we live and work.

Displaying generosity prayerfully and practically

Rowheath Pavilion Staff and volunteers strive to be generous and positive in thought, words and actions to each other as well as customers. We acknowledge and respect the power of prayer at work in the Rowheath Pavilion Community.

Standing up for social justice

Rowheath Pavilion welcomes inclusivity and has zero tolerance for any discrimination. We work with Rowheath Pavilion Church and other local organisations and customers to stand up for social justice. This includes ethical and local trading wherever possible.

Celebrating and enjoying community life.

Rowheath Pavilion serves the whole community. We ask that all visitors share our heart for community and act in a way that is respectful to all members of the community and respect our staff members and volunteers.