Who are we...

Rowheath Pavilion is operated by Trinity Christian Centre Limited (TCC). Pavilion Christian Community (now Rowheath Pavilion Church) was approached by Bournville Village Trust and asked to take on the Pavilion lease in 1997. 

It was agreed to operate Rowheath Pavilion through an existing and separate charity, established to engage in community projects (Trinity Christian Centre Ltd).  The primary reason for this arrangement was to enable a clear distinction between the finances of the Church and the Pavilion. 

The policy of the trustees of TCC is to plough any profits from the Pavilion back into the community. Currently, Rowheath Pavilion Church is the one of largest contributors to the operating budget of Rowheath.

Since 2003, TCC has ensured that a diverse range of activities are available for the community.  Some of these activities are community run, others are operated by commercial organisations.  All have a community focus.

From its fundraising initiatives TCC has developed the building and grounds, creating a café, play area and new changing rooms for the sports users. TCC are currently fundraising to improve the building facing the road making the building fit for purpose to continue George Cadbury’s legacy for the next 100 years.