Rowheath Pavilion’s Twilight Café presents…


For one night only, Rowheath Pavilion will be celebrating all the Motown legends! Join us for a fantastic night of snacks, music and dancing to your heart’s content!

How to book:

Please email with a name for the booking and how many tickets you would like to purchase. Following a successful reservation, we will respond with a payment link.

Please note: this is the only way to purchase tickets. Any purchases made without a reservation are unsuccessful and payment will be retained. You must make a reservation through the process above in order to purchase tickets.

What the event includes:

This event takes place in the terrace room. There will be a dance floor and themed music, but a DJ is not included. We will not be showing any tribute acts.

Any food or drink will be available to purchase separately. These are not included in the ticket price.

Themed drinks will be available to purchase on site.

Coffee and cake will also be available to purchase.

Thank you for all your patience! We can’t wait for this event and to see all your wonderful faces!

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